Balenciaga artist Yilmaz Sen CGI Spring 2019 Campaign

Balenciaga | Yilmaz Sen CGI Spring 2019 Campaign

Creative director Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga has been looking to make a case for ‘Reality is what you make it’ between his last Spring 2019 showing set in a tunnel like computer and his latest campaign narrative in collaboration with digital artist Yilmaz Sen.

Last fall for Balenciaga’s spring show the designer partnered with visual artist Jon Rafman to create an experiential set designed to make one feel as though they were inside a computer. In his quest to continue to warp reality, Gvasalia has turned to Copenhagen-based digital artist Yilmaz Sen on a series of altered reality films to promote Spring 2019. Sen is known for his SIM-like characters artwork whose bodies convert to ping-pong balls or limbs propel in inhuman ways.

Sen spent a month shooting with Balenciaga collaborator Lotta Volkova in a nondescript part of Copenhagen’s meatpacking district before turning to his post production. The result is an eerie like campaign that should you care for it or not, separates the house from the pack and aligns itself with a generation that was born to digital and thrives for newness. The campaign is a smart play and one that hopefully will lead to continued collaborations with digital artist as the lane is wide open in fashion for Balenciaga to own.



Balenciaga artist Yilmaz Sen CGI Spring 2019 Campaign


Balenciaga Creative Director | Demna Gvasalia
Director | Yilmaz Sen

Stylist | Lotta Volkova
Production | Makropol
Cinematographer | Peter Hjorth
Photogrammetry | Rigsters
Sound | Mads Michelsen
Post Production Assets | Viljam Smed, Lennart Wendt
Production Designer | Anna Cathrine Colberg
Production Coordinator | Sarah Chheiber
Gaffer | Aslak Lytthans