Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

A new ad campaign entitled Boss Individuals, with Creative Direction by Fabien Baron and photography by Craig McDean, is enthralling in its multi-faceted conceptual approach. It is well thought out in every detail from films to campaign photos, and accessory editorials to social media. Trying to accurately describe the campaign risks jumping down a metaphorical rabbit hole; even then it would be hard to do it justice because it functions on so many levels.

The films are the centerpieces of the campaign, and each one is an abstract little gem in which the protagonists are confronted with clones of themselves that are identical in every way. If the colors weren’t so bright, the films might fall into the category of film noir because the jazz-influenced score adds tension to each small gesture, as the doppelgängers size each other up warily. The cheerful pink, red, orange and blue tones add to the surrealistic quality of the piece and impart a dreamlike quality. Free association might bring to mind Gattica, a science fiction film from the 1990’s in which Uma Thurman and Jude Law were cast as young superhumans in a dystopian future in which the ruling class had been genetically enhanced to be perfect in every way. Upon further reflection however, the films exist in a more poetic psychological realm, calling attention to the fact that each individual is made up of many selves that shift and change according to our moods, environments, and social context. For example, a woman or man could simultaneously be a friend, wife/husband, mother/father, daughter/son, and many other different personas as required. To distill such complexity into tense, visionary 30-second narratives is nothing short of genius.

Craig McDean’s photography takes these concepts through more iterations, with collage techniques that complement the films and are conceptually brilliant on their own as well. Using cutouts of profiles and the same color schemes as featured in the films, they seem to be an expression of the Jungian psychological complex. And then there are the accessories photos, with feature shoes, bags, eyewear, timepieces, and jewelry artfully refracted in myriad mirrored surfaces.

With so much goodness, it is tempting to go on and on… but a picture is worth a thousand words. Also part of what makes the campaign a step above the rest is everyone can bring to it their own interpretation. Enjoy!

Boss Chief Brand Officer | Ingo Wilts
Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | Craig McDean
Accessories Photographer | Thomas Lohr
Models | Henry Kitcher, Kristina Grikaite, Oumar Diouf, Tim Schuhmacher
Stylist | Ludivine Poiblanc
Hair | Paul Hanlon
Makeup | Diane Kendal
Casting Director | Johanna Clas