Dior Sauvage -Johnny Depp Legend of the Magic Hour Film

Dior | Johnny Depp Legend of the Magic Hour Dior Sauvage

Navajo legend tells a tale of a holy people summoning a being known as the “black god”, who created the stars one at a time, and how a great trickster named Coyote stole the stars from the god and created the night we have today. The legend that lives on in the desert is the centerpiece of ‘Legend of the Magic Hour’, the new short film for the Dior Sauvage fragrance.

The Mercenary Productions film written and directed by Clement Beauvais opens with a mysterious person walking through the desert at sunset, wearing a coyote hide, followed by its star and face of the Dior Sauvage fragrance Johnny Depp staring into a roaring campfire telling the legend of Coyote.

Throughout the film, we see random characters as free, calm and pensive as the desert, while coyotes appear at unexpected places. A suited man with a ponytail leans against a diner façade and sees a coyote in the reflection of a car. A possible omen?

Beauvais creates drama with silence, wind and ambient noise, making one wonder if the great Coyote will appear. The film’s characters enhance this feeling by keeping watch for Coyote. As some characters peer outside in the safety of their homes, others walk in the desert and look over their shoulders. “Sinners, dreamers all bound to its wildness, its legends and mysteries,” Depp says in the film.

Does Coyote make its mark again? We see a figure in the distance and hear a voice on the telephone say “the trickster is going to get us all” before belting an evil laugh. After a coyote is seen in an empty diner that seemed to have been abandoned in haste, a calm comes over the desert again as a howl echoes in the night sky. “There’s chaos and harmony as the whole world turns blue,” Depp narrates, as characters ponder the previous night.

Perhaps Coyote is not a real being but a wild savage spirit within us set loose as the moon rises? Each of us stars that make the night as beautiful and bright as the day with unpredictability and infinite possibilities.

Anything can happen before the sun rises when “the restless coyote runs freely.”

Writer/Director/Editor | Clement Beauvais
Director of Photography | Mike Valentine
Talent | Johnny Depp, Fox Sinclair, Jack Wilson, Jesse Salto, Ella Weisskamp, Carly Russ, Chelsea Wilson, Nevin Pontious, Brian Smith, Caan Hamlet, 
Producer | Arthur De Kersauson
Music | Clement Beauvais