glossier spring 2022 ad campaign olivia rodrigo


Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Glossier Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Director & Photographer Stevie Dance with Talent Olivia Rodrigo

Glossier taps Olivia Rodrigo as the face of its new Spring 2022 beauty campaign. The young music star is captured by director and photographer Stevie Dance.

Dance captures Rodrigo in simple portraiture, her makeup of course flawless but not ostentatious, letting a sense of honesty and natural beauty shine through.

For the accompanying short film, Glossier and Dance took a page out of Calvin Klein’s playbook, stitching together a film and sound collage of intimate personal reflections on beauty and confidence from the star. The film then debuted as a Times Square takeover.

If I could send a note to the Glossier community, I’d say, you look good exactly as you are.”

– Olivia Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a smart choice for the beauty brand’s first celebrity face, as both parties have a solid command of the Gen-Z spotlight. Effortless but impeccably on point, the campaign is a confident expansion of Glossier’s trendy beauty empire.

Director & Photographer | Stevie Dance
Talent | Olivia Rodrigo
Stylist | Chloe + Chenelle
Hair | Clayton Hawkins
Makeup | Katie Jane Hughes
Manicurist | Natalie Pavloski
Set Designer | Nicholas Des Jardins

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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