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The Store Scout, Jins Tokyo


Jins, one of the largest eyewear brands in Japan, designed the renovation of their Ageo shop just in time to celebrate its 12th anniversary.

The existing shop is made up of of two L-shaped blocks, containing an eyewear shop and a cafe, located around a square courtyard surrounded by an open corridor giving customers a relaxed and cozy outdoor cafe space. The building was covered in wooden panels making the courtyard and the cafe hidden from the street, but Schemata Architects removed the exterior walls and installed low-e glass to create a better street view of the beautiful courtyard. This also makes a great display of their vast eyewear products highly visible.

The interior design was created to emphasize the effect of showing off the core of the building that was not easily seeable. Jins eyewear products vary in shapes and colors, and they collaborated with the graphic design office Kigi to introduce visual elements in the store making the products and space intertwine with each other in a laid back and independent way.


Architect Firm | Schemata Architects
Architect in Charge | Jo Nagasaka 
Project Team | Ryosuke Yamamoto, Ou Ueno, Takuya Sakamoto
Manufacturers | AGC, Ashford Japan, DANTO
3-12-7 3F Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0061 Japan