Massimo Dutti Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by The Style Council

Massimo Dutti | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

In Massimo Dutti’s Fall 2018 ad campaign, Paris-based agency The Style Council teamed with Swedish photographer and director Mikael Jansson to blend romanticism, naturalism, and the spirit of daydreams.

This daydreams were inspired Jansson’s youth and draw the artist to the remote island of Fårö, Sweden. An island with a population under 1,000 just north of the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. There he captured models Rianne Van Rompaey, Bo Fasseur, and Johanna Grandlund, both in still and a short film. The film has touches of another Swedish filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman, who happen to lived and died on Fårö and filmed several films there.

Entailed  ‘Stunder’, meaning ‘moments’ in Swedish, the narrator mentions words such as “The wind” and “The ocean” in Swedish while a group of women and children are seen enjoying an innocent day at the beach and traveling around the island by bike. Subtitles helps to share the moments and the feel is like a soft daydream or recent memory. “One scene leads to the next in a magical fall day unfolds to classical music by French composer Sylvain Picart,” The brand announced. “The mood in rich black and white and diffused color captures the spirit of the collection in the iconic style of Mikael Jansson.”

It is refreshing to see the house celebrate the photographer’s roots, and the sublime art direction does a great job of capturing (a dare we say giving) the essence of the brand. Jansson narrative and soft hand with the camera in both color and black and white only ads emotional density to the house.

Each moment captured in this film is a beautiful dedication to Fårö, as well as Jansson’s past. Mossimo Dutti honored Swedish culture in a respectful and creative way, so here is to their success in countries all around the world.


Agency | The Style Council
Photographer/ Director | Mikael Jansson
Director of Photography | Hampus Nordenson
Models | Rianne van Rompaey, Bo Fasseur, Johanna Granlund
Stylist | Geraldine Saglio
Hair | Rudi Lewis
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo
Movement Director | Eric Christison
Production | Mamma Team
Music | Sylvain Picart ‘Vision Fugitive’