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Victoria’s Secret Does a True Behind-The-Scenes


Let’s face it, “Behind-the-Scenes” fashion videos tend to be rather dull. A model is seen on a set while the camera pulls back to show that she is really on a sound stage (surprise!) with a photographer and some lighting people surrounding her. Cue dramatic music and we’ve just described 99% of behind-the-scenes fashion videos.

But where is the drama? How was that model chosen? The photographer? Why that set and lighting? What were the decisions and arguments that lead up to that shoot? In an age where people feel compelled to photograph and share their espressos and fingernails, why hasn’t anyone done a decent Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) video that shares what really goes into making a campaign?

It would appear the stage team at Victoria’s Secret felt the same as this year, in a build up to the recording of their annual Super Bowl of fashion shows, the specialty retailer has launched a true BTS video series aimed to tackle more than a model being touched up with lipstick.

In the series entitled “The Making of the New York Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015” the audience is given substance over style, as the creators of the show led by Executive Producers, Ed Razek and Monica Mitro, opened their group production meeting up to the cameras for the audience to see how and why they make key decisions. Why the location of the New York Armory? Ceiling height. Why that opener? It reads well on television.

The idea of inviting the customer along to key business meetings about ones brands is groundbreaking and in fact daring. While many an executive would prefer to keep their decision making processes and team members hidden, Victoria’s Secret recognizes that their fans are interested in being there every step of the way. Not unlike sports fans who get excited about watching Draft Day, Victoria’s Secret fans are as interested in what goes into producing the show as the show itself. And from the house that built the most watched fashion show in the world and knows a thing or two about the transparency of lingerie, becoming transparent off the runway is every bit as alluring.


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