Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of MCM Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by CGI Artist Manuel Carvalho and Photographer Mathilde Agius

MCM embraces virtual reality for a very cool Spring 2021 campaign that celebrates possibility, connection, and youth. The German house brought in a talented CGI crew to develop the campaign’s imaginative and uplifting digital imagery.

The latest brand to jump on the increasingly popular CGI campaign trend, MCM brings a youthful and open spirit to the realm of digital fantasy. Their streetwear-influenced designs and diverse young cast point to a celebration of youth culture and creativity, particularly through the decentralization and connectivity provided by the internet.

Our Spring Summer campaign celebrates the journeys our consumers take across imaginary, physical, and digital domains toward new frontiers of self-expression, self-discovery and co-creation within a new universe – a (MCM)verse.  This is our Zeitgeist, where past meets future, east meets west, virtual meets physical, and possibility meets reality.  Our new space empowers the ways our tribe remains interconnected today, through shared values, attitudes, and experiences which transcend borders, timezones, ethnicities, and genders.

Dirk Schönberger, Global Creative Officer, MCM

The campaign was developed through a collaboration between Berlin-based CGI artist Manuel Carvalho and photographer Mathilde Agius, who masterminded the CGI-rendered landscapes in partnership with CGI team Mimic Productions. Their digital geoscapes are rendered with exquisite and imaginative detail, with especially impressive light and fabric effects. Oases in alien deserts and neon-lit urban jungles form spaces of exploration and connection.

While still cutting-edge and exciting, the imagery does not feel particularly original or urgent.

We’ve seen David Koma and Marine Serre explore digital environments that are quite similar aesthetically, especially the desert oasis (though, this image is in turn lifted from Frank Herbert’s Dune). Marine Serre in particular has been using CGI to build up an incredible visual narrative over the past few seasons, making important commentary on our relationship with the environment of our own planet. At the same time, she employs upcycling and innovative technologies within the creation of her pieces. It would have been nice to see MCM touch on environmentalism or reflect some consciousness of the future in their design approach, rather than using the same old leather and only embracing the aesthetic of futurism for the campaign.

That being said, the visuals are quite strong on their own, and they do suggest an uplifting note of progress and connection. The campaign is an excellent synthesis of streetwear traditions, borderless human connection, and speculative science fiction. We want to see more of this world, and we feel encouraged to make it a reality.

MCM Global Creative Officer | Dirk Schönberger
CGI Lead Artist | Manuel Carvalho 
Lead Photographer | Mathilde Agius 
BTS Photographer | Julien Tell 
BTS Videographer | Stini Röhrs 
3D Talent Scanning and Modeling | Mimic Productions
Stylist | Marc Goehring 
Talent | Aria Lilith, Désiré Mia, Yuuki Tang, Aselia Toktorova, and Deborah Doeson  
Music | Like This by Hye Jin Park

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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